Coaching - Counseling - Guidance
Time together will shift you into a motivated, focused, and more enlightened mindset
that will manifest results you have been wanting to see in your life.
Start with a 15-30 minute initial consultation to see an immediate boost of clarity.
By phone or in-person
1 Hour Consultation
The 30-minute Pep Talk
Monthly Package
Weekly 1 Hour + (2) 15 Minute Check-ins Weekly
* + Limited texting option
Monthly VIP Package
Weekly 1 Hour + (1) 30 Minute Check-in Weekly
* + ON-CALL option
** + Unlimited texting option
We can also come up with tailored packages or options
that better suit your needs, just ask!
I look forward to connecting with you and helping you move along in your human experience
to the best of both our abilities.
Unlimited On-Call Service
Basic rules:
  • 4 days per week
  • 30-minute duration calls (1 hour minimum between multiple calls in a day).
  • Between 9am and 8pm
  • Must text prior to calling.
  • 2-hour window to return text or call.
Emergency Call
(for prior & current clients who have my number only)
Step 1: Text me to talk
Step 2: I will send you a message that you agree to pay within 24 hours of call + payment link.
Step: Text back that you agree.
Step 4: I call you.
*May not be available, this is not a guaranteed service, I am not responsible or liable for any actions that occur in your life in the case of non-contact.
  • Manifesting (for real this time)
  • Quarter-life crisis (for the millennial)
  • Sex, Love, & Intimacy (single & couples)
(*This is a safe place for sex workers)
  • Women, divine femininity, empowerment
(ex: marriage & kids - is it for me?)
  • Handling toxic people & places
(ex: separating from family and long-time "friends")
  • Body dysmorphia, image, & health
  • Parenting through divorce
(ex: conscious uncoupling)
  • Forgiveness & moving forward
  • Relationship with your soul, spirit, & Self
  • Starseed awakening & development
(ex: ET/UFO, abductions, star family, etc.)
  • Lightworker Awakening & development
(ex: psychic tools, healing abilities, sensing spirit/presence visions, orbs phantom sounds/smells/etc.,
astral travel, ritual work, trance, dreams, etc.)

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40+ miles away)

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