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This modality allows me to access the THETA BRAINWAVE and step in as a substitute vehicle for your Consciousness, so that whatever I experience transfers to YOUR energetic body and energy fields so that YOU are reaping all the benefits). It is recorded and as you follow along with your own visualization (like a guided meditation), the benefits are reinforced.

It is a journey that can include:

- Reconnection to the soul's source energy

- Physical, mental, emotional benefits

- Realignment with higher energies 

- Activations and downloads 

- Messages and advice from loved ones, spirit, or Source 

- Formulas for daily practice (meditations, affirmations,

and other kinds of beneficial "homework")

- Renewed sense of purpose, lifting of a burden, etc.

Upon ordering, please allow 5 BUSINESS DAYS.


Journeys/Recordings last 45 MINUTES to ONE HOUR and are sent as soon as I recuperate from the session.

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