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Past Life Journeys

Guided Visualizations


Past Life Journey by Phone

Approximately 2 Hours


Other Journeys by Phone include:

Book a Private Group
2-hour in-person session
(ask about virtual pricing)

Includes up to 6 people
($50 per additional person)

(Choose 2 from the list)

You provide the room, which 
must allow for 6ft. distance between
each participant.
Prep, journey and discussion included.

Past Life Regression
Meet your Spirit Guide or Council
Meet Mama Earth (Gaia)
Visit your Home Planet (Starseed)
Request a Guide (for a purpose)
Heal Ancestral Trauma
Meet your Spirit Animal
Energy Healing (mini Illumination)
Visit Another Realm (Atlantis, Inner Earth, etc.)
or custom (just ask)

QHHT is an in-person service only

Message for details & scheduling

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