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Month of May

GOOD MORNING! A day away from official hurricane season here in Florida, which seems fitting with everything going on now I think. For those who aren't following my FB page @lightwiseliving, I've been majorly guided to move to the ocean and so now I am based in North FL, living moments from the sea for my next mission. Best decision of the year! Lots of momentum has gathered because of this decision and things are MANIFESTING LIKE CRAZY.

I'll still be coming to the Atlanta area to hold groups and session every 2-3 months or so, and anyone can feel free to reach out with any questions or book a tentative session beginning in August (I say tentative because I am quarantining until I see the virus rates go down significantly). That said, my focus has shifted to manifestation consulting based on my success and knowledge of tuning your vibration and frequencies to align in a way to see a better reality reflected around you. I also do life, love, professional, spiritual, and starseed coaching. It has been SO MUCH FUN!

I've put up a few videos about sessions, ET stuff, and also some advice that may be useful to you. You can check them out on my channel. Feel free to subscribe if you haven't already. And you can also send me topics that you'd like me to talk about.

Last week I held a small online guided meditation to test some new concepts, and it went splendidly! Each participant was given a power symbol and we connected with the consciousness of water to receive a message. From that experience, I will now be holding more online guided meditations that will be announced on my Facebook page but also on the homepage of my website where I usually post my in-person group information. Feel free to join in, they are on the ZOOM platform and by donation only, because I want everyone to be able to participate. Here are a couple of power symbols that came through for participants:

The creativity has been flowing and I'd like to share these following quotes and concepts that have come through, for those of you who do not follow along with my social media.

Stay tuned for my June special for readings. They have become densely packed with information pertaining to your present life more than anything, which I find better and more useful. We're getting away from emphasizing the past and focusing on the present. That said, I have finally felt it is the right time to make my card deck available to the public. Each card was channeled and the deck will bring you much growth in your intuition. Instructions come with the cards and you will be given a link to a web page that goes further in-depth explaining each card. Click on the image below to check out the cards.

Click Here

That pretty much brings us up to speed with everything I can share at this time. There are very big projects coming up (one in particular that is very nearly complete) that I am VERY excited to share...just not yet LOL. But soon! Anyway, I hope everyone is doing great and able to stay optimistic and have fun wherever you are. I'm here for you, and sending tons of love your way!



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