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It is a journey that may, at the very least, include:

- Reconnection to the soul's source energy

- Physical, mental, emotional healing

- Realignment with higher energies 

- Activations and downloads 

- Messages and advice from loved ones, spirit, or Source 

- Formulas for daily practice (meditations, affirmations,

and other kinds of beneficial "homework")


- Renewed sense of purpose, lifting of a burden, etc.

The soul is aching to be re-connected with its source energy, it's "home", which in turn results in feelings of connection within the Self and the world around you once you are reacquainted with your long lost home energy, among other benefits listed above.

Every journey is uniquely revealed and there is no guarantee or expectation of what may come through, though it is always relevant and for your best and highest good with harm to none.

Upon ordering, please allow 5 BUSINESS DAYS as these sessions are never forced and happen at the right time.

Journeys/Recordings last 45 MINUTES to ONE HOUR and are sent as soon as I recuperate from the session.

Distance Energy Session
~A unique healing modality~
45 minutes to 1 hour



For the many individuals waking up to their potential in this life journey, it can actually seem daunting and a host of "symptoms" can arise: feeling lost, not feeling "at home" in their skin or even on Earth, or just feeling overall disconnected or bored...which can show up as physical, mental, or/and emotional discord.

We are finding that many sensitive souls are subconsciously aware that they have actually become disconnected from their soul's original source energy, which can feel like fatigue, exhaustion, impatience, irritation, depression, anxiety, and other conflicting feelings. This happens when we incarnate as humans on Earth where the veil is thick and we've forgotten who we really are and where we come from.

This is where I come in.


Through intention and years of practice, I have learned to access the THETA BRAINWAVE and utilize my own consciousness as a SUBSTITUTE VEHICLE for yours (basically, whatever I see or experience is happening to your energetic body and energy fields so that YOU are reaping all the benefits) as I journey through the mind's realms where I am guided by YOUR guides and higher self.

North FL, USA

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