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Lightwise Living

with Laura Bogen

Quantum healing, Higher Self hypnosis, Intuitive development and guidance

This is a SAFE SPACE to uplift and help anyone navigating through a period of transformation, big or small. You are exactly where you're meant to be.


Laura Bogen, JD, CHt, ORDM


Award-winning Author

Certified Hypnotherapist

Certified Past Life Regressionist

Certified Professional Coach

Ordained Minister

Reiki Master

Laura Bogen at Lighwise Living

All sessions are intuitively tailored to the individual, with the objective of uncovering, clarifying, or mending certain mental, emotional, & physical

struggles or blocks you may be experiencing in order to move out of

limiting beliefs and into a more fulfilling and empowered reality.

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"Laura has the wonderful gift of being able to guide people "within" and to places long forgotten. If you get a chance to have a session with this awesome lady, DO IT! You won't regret it."

Ron W. 

“Just finished listening [to my recording], that was so great to hear all over again!!  Wow.  What a beautiful session.  It is definitely comforting to listen to that, and I’m looking forward to listening to it again tomorrow during my long plane ride. This session was a huge help to me.”


Female, 36

"Highly recommended. She's very accurate."

Jonathan F.

“Omg I have been borderline shell shocked…this is the most incredible thing I’ve ever done. Thank you so much for giving me this experience!”

Hayden S.

“I really got a lot out of it and I look forward to gaining even more over the next several days. I am filled with such love and peace right now, I can’t even begin to thank you enough!  I had no idea that it would be like this! Thank you, thank you, thank you – a million times, thank you again!!”


Female, 37

I attended a group session with Laura and it was everything I hoped and more. Laura you're a great facilitator which made the regression sessions fun and insightful. I hope to do a one-on-one session soon, until crossing fingers that you do a Sunday group session soon

Diolis B.

“Laura provides a safe-zone for expression and conducted a very profound session. As a former skeptic of past life regression and even the benefits of hypnosis, I’ve turned  believer after we were able to remove a two-decade-old buzzing sound in my ear as well as get answers to several lifelong questions. You’re in good hands.”

Male, 42

"My reading caught me by surprise, definitely not the kind of existence I was expecting but the messages and lessons resonated with me so intensely. It was definitely what I needed to hear. Amazing experience, thank you!"

Facebook Review

"Laura was Amazing! Everything she said was so true, I was blown away with her detail and how each card tied into my feelings I have today and the dreams I dream! It was wonderful to have so much validation and confirmation that I feel like I've expanded as a Soul Blessings."

Facebook Review

"Laura is the real deal. She was able to give me a past life reading that really touched on alot of my fears, the reason i do certain things and ESPECIALLY my LOVE 😍for food. Get a reading from her, you wont regret it xoxo"

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"Laura is an excellent reader and guide. Fascinating information and discoveries. HIGHLY recommended."

David B.

"Got reading recently and loved it - In depth, quality information. Was also quite moving.."

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"A truly gifted, loving, thorough, and patient reader. do not hesitate to contact...Laura is a gift, a true blessing."

Facebook Review

"Laura is pretty amazing! I have had a past life regression session done in the past, and although it was two different lifetimes that showed up between that and the reading Laura provided, the similarities are uncanny. I look forward to doing much more work with Laura and intend on scheduling a QHHT regression session with her. Thank you, Laura!"

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