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Hypnotherapy & Regressions
 QHHT Session 

Past life(s)+Higher Self

4-hour duration

Audio Recorded

Message me for more information on QHHT, or visit:


 Past Life Regression 

2-hr duration

Audio Recorded

We bring forward a relevant life(s) to make connections and understand certain fears, traits, likes, karmic relationships, and more in our current lives, with the potential of healing anything that

no longer serves you.


Other Guided Journeying

2-hr duration

Audio Recorded

Choose from:

- Parallel/Future Life(s)

- Current Life Regression

- Abduction Regression

- Interdimensional visitations

The only limits are the ones

we set ourselves.

Coaching & Consultations
 Immersion Coaching 

This is an immersive form of coaching and/or mentoring.


I believe in transparency, openness, real talk, and no judgment. If you dedicate yourself and hold up your end of things, I'm all in. 

Relationship & Intimacy
Life Coaching
Spiritual Development Coaching
 Individual Consultations 

 This is a non-judgmental approach utilizing knowledge, experience, and professional intuition to give directional advice regarding your spiritual growth/life journey, which can include clarity and advice on so many things, including but not limited to:

recognizing & developing natural gifts


business growth and brainstorming


personal obstacles


people problems


shifting perspectives


spiritual practices 



45-minute sessions by phone/video


 Private Parties 

Choose TWO from:

- Group Past Life

- Future Life Peek

- Meet Your Spirit Guide

- Build Your Own Psychic Room

- Meet Your Spirit Counsel

- Ancestral Trauma Healing

- Retrieve your power symbol

- Meet your spirit animal

             & more, just ask!

(Approximately 2+ hours)

Find us:

Atlanta, GA (additional travel expenses if

50+ miles away)

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