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May Updates

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are having a wonderful month so far (and that everyone's allergies are not being a pain the butt!)

So, as in the last blog, this Saturday is the group @ 11:30 am at Timeless Remedies in Canton, GA. There is still some space available, so call to reserve your seat ((770) 224-6993) or you can even show up last minute and we'll find room :)

Now, I always like to stay on top of my training and while I read and view MUCH information daily, I'm extra excited to announce that I've recently become certified in Michael Newton's Life Between Lives modality and will bringing that into my practice in the next couple of months! This explored the places between lives

And while QHHT can certainly do that as well, it is the MAIN focus with LBL. So go ahead and do some research and see if it's something that may interest you or calls to you.

On the publication homefront, what I went ahead and decided to do about the sessions I ended up transcribing from the past two years is put them into collections, and will be publishing individual transcripts only from the current year's sessions, which will eventually be turned into a 2018 collection. So now there is a 2017 Session Highlights Collection and a few recent individual ones available. These more recent ones will be including invaluable and interesting information from the higher self, and can be found at my Etsy shop for a very reasonable price. Such information includes excerpts on Karma, Ego, Fear, Self-love, Changing belief systems, Time, New Earth, and more.

Last but not least, I have made a limited number of my Past Life Card Deck available for purchase in my Etsy shop. This is the most comprehensive past life deck on the market and can also act as an oracle deck (see postings on my facebook page @thepastlifereader)

Also, if you want me to come to your city to hold a past life or guided imagery group, reach out and I'll see if something can be arranged (Southeastern states are easiest - FL, GA, NC, SC, TN), otherwise I still do private gatherings/groups/parties at homes and event spaces around town.

Have a wonderful rest of May and sending tons of love to you and yours!



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