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Hello everyone, and welcome to all the newcomers from Tiktok land and beyond!

It's been a wild year of growth and isn't stopping as I'm sure many of you have felt an uptick in energy, showing up in various ways, from anxiety to extreme clarity and a determination to move forward. Perhaps a balance of all that and more, and it's important to know that you are not alone and can move through anything that presents itself, whether in the form of an opportunity or a challenge (in truth, most challenges are opportunities in disguise, we just don't realize it until the storm has passed and we can see everything in hindsight).

Now, what I do want to mention is something that has been brought up in sessions recently and is having to do with the seeming increase of chaos in the world. If you have been feeling it building and yet, have not found your personal world more or less untouched as you observe on, then it is very likely part of your soul purpose and path to maintain your energy at high performance and not allow the external conflicts to taint your inner world. Many of you have heard of the three waves of volunteers as Dolores Cannon describes them, and while I am not here to sway anyone's belief systems, I speak from my own perspective in saying that the second wavers are experiencing major activations at this time as they are finding themselves "holding down the fort" on a energetic level, which has many feeling fatigued and and easily overwhelmed. But it's because they're doing work at an unconscious level and rest is very important. These people are beacons of energy and their job is simply to exist and maintain their energy, which naturally pulses out in waves wherever they have chosen to live and travel. In other words, for example, if you are finding yourself torn in "choosing sides", you must give yourself the permission slip to not choose at all, but simply to exercise your authenticity and do your best to choose the frequency of optimism, hope, love, and peace within your being. Do not make things more complicated than they have to be. Choose to practice staying grounded, balanced, healthy in mind and body, and be aware of when you're feeling peer pressured to do otherwise, whether by friends, partners or family. Stay the course. You're not alone.



I am very pleased to offer a new free GUIDED MEDITATION THROUGH THE STARS


Buy 1 get 1 50% off for all 30, 45, and hour long readings through the end of the year. This can only be ordered by messaging me through my website or email at


I'm SUPER excited to announce I'll be starting up group workshops throughout FL for now and GA in the new year. Locations and dates will be announced soon!


For those who have been contemplating a regression or hypnotic journey for some time, you may be interested in the latest offering I have (not listed on my site yet, but available nonetheless) and is a CUSTOMIZABLE guided journey. This is for those who have felt very pulled to certain places, dimensions, and destinations beyond space and time and are ready to visit through the power of your consciousness. We're talking Atlantis, Lemuria, Inner Earth, various realms where certain entities, deities, and other energies dwell, even places people have visited in dreams that have no name. It's all about energy and intention, the only limit is your imagination. I'm here if you have any questions or would like to book your session (you can find it on Etsy at well: CREATE YOUR OWN JOURNEY)


Something I am sharing publicly for the first time is my service as a professional freelance editor for authors looking to self-publish book manuscripts or other works in the genre of spirituality/metaphysical/healing/new-age for children, YA and adult audiences. In addition to my own award-winning book with more on the way, I have maintained a word-of-mouth client list that I am looking to quietly expand. Feel free to reach out to see if we're a good fit for your project.


Sending love and HUGS to everyone and I hope you have a most magical start to the season.


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