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First of the Last. A Memorable December.

We made it, folks. It’s the first day of the last month of 2021. If you’ve had a similar year as me, then there’s been unexpected sacrifices and surprises, some changes to your mind, heart and body, bursts of inspiration, periods of doubt, new friends in and some old friends on their way out. But, of course, nothing we can’t handle or it wouldn’t have been put in our path. So I’m grateful you’re alive and well enough to read this because you made it this far and that’s not a small deal.

What I can say is that I’m excited for the new year, not just because I’m ready to refer to 2021 in the past tense, but because when I tune into the concept of 2022, it feels bright, warm and generous. You can “tune in” to it on your own as well, by just quieting your mind and focusing on ‘2022’ and see what feelings move through your mind and body. If anyone feels fear, remember that fear is often confused with (and masks) excitement, so try to decipher the difference within yourself. Speaking of which, I’ve been doing a lot of a coaching sessions helping connect people to their intuition this seems we are all becoming more open and sensitive to the energies, and I find that extremely exciting.

Now, because we are approaching holidays, I’m going to mention a new thing I’ve begun this year that has turned out to be better than I thought...I’m now doing past life regressions by phone! They last about an hour and there have been wonderful results. Before I only did QHHT and regressions in person, but now I can cater cross-country, which is such a boon. That said, I’m turning out quite a few gift certificates for this service and if you would like to schedule one for yourself or gift this experience to someone, feel free to send me a message or visit my Etsy page. If you want to bypass scheduling a regression or coaching session ahead of time, I've begun using Premium.Chat app, which is a pay-by-the-minute service, but you'll have to catch me when I'm available.

Another gift for yourself or loved one to consider is my Past Life Oracle Deck now available for purchase, though the shipping may take awhile, so order accordingly. What’s neat about these is that there isn’t a booklet that comes with the deck, rather I have a STUDY page on my main website ( with a secret password that you get when the deck arrives, where there are descriptions to each card and informative videos to along with it.

One other good thing from this year was that my book Evolved Expressions, Stepping Into Spiritual Intimacy won in its category for Spirituality with the Global Ebook Awards and yes, I cried happy tears when I received that email because I could check off an item from my bucket list, which isn’t the easiest list of items of accomplish I assure you :) You can check out the book HERE.

The last big update is to invite you to my growing TikTok community, which has bloomed to over 20k soul groupies interested in all the weird, woowoo, heart-based, healing-oriented, quantum physical goodies that my work is comprised of. I do daily card pulls and create informative videos on past lives, energy work, self-awareness, spiritual development, quantum physics and much more. Not to mention, if you haven’t been on TikTok yet, I assure you it is not just for kids, you will learn SO MUCH from so many amazing creators. So don’t blame me if you get addicted to it.

You can find me on there at @timesanillusion.

There’s more, but I know I can only read so much when I get a newsletter like this, so I will end this here and send you all great love and wishes for your peace-of-mind and heart, warm holidays (hoping that you feel the presence of loved ones who may have made their exit points this year), and a slow-burning build of excitement for the new year on the horizon. Great things are waiting for you, you’re only job is to believe it.

Your fellow seeker and guide,



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