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We Hit Bestseller on Amazon!

Are you feeling things brewing now that we've stepped into 2021? This might not be the easiest year, but it comes with the feeling that we can handle whatever may come with more ease and a knowing that we can make it through practically anything. Instead of "happy new year", I've been saying hopeful new year...a year of new, profound self-understanding and development that ultimately leads to feelings of self-fulfillment, happiness, and having a big picture view on the circumstances in our lives. This is the stepping into higher consciousness living, as we continue to let go of toxic behaviors, relationships, and environments that no longer serve us. So despite the chaos that begun in 2020, I can clearly see the silver lining in it and encourage you to do the same, at least for a greater peace-of-mind and perspective.

Now, onto the exciting news that you already gleaned from the title. Evolved Expressions: Stepping Into Spiritual Intimacy hit #1 Bestseller on Amazon it's first launch week and has remained on the Bestseller list as we move into our third week. So thank you for the support from those who have already purchased, and if you want to get your copy, it is still available at the launch price of $2.99. The paper back will be released 1/21/21, so mark your calendars or follow my author page on Amazon.

On another note, I would encourage you to view my latest Youtube video if you are wondering where would be a good place to start in your self-development or growth for the new year. You may find it very useful. #fearless

Lastly, past life readings have been especially popular these past few months with everything going on, so if you haven't gotten one yet or would like to order another, you can order by messaging me on my website, my Facebook page, or at my Etsy shop.

There will be a lot more coming out in the next months and I'm excited to have you as a part of this movement toward higher consciousness and more aligned living. If you want a coaching session for life, love, or spiritual development, feel free to reach out. Until next time, sending oodles of love and hoping for your peace, happiness, and success in the new year.


Laura Bogen


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