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Shifts in Spring

Hello hello! Welcome to many new subscribers. Like I said, there will be occasional emails because I don't want to bombard people, so here is one of them.

So, it’s nearly June and this month has been SO. MANY. THINGS.

For those experiencing energy fluctuations and feeling out of sorts…

Beyond my own experiences, I’ve been speaking with people who have reported noticing all kinds of shifts and changes in both their internal and external realities. Manifestations, both materially and internal. Basically, I’m saying you’re not alone if you’re noticing more intense or obvious ways the world is mirroring things back to you. For some, it’s pretty magical and, for many, quite overwhelming.

There may be a sense of trying to maintain normalcy by retreating back to comfortable and familiar thought patterns and behaviors and beliefs. But now is not the time for that, rather, lean into it while also self-soothing in great measures. Almost like coaxing yourself through waves of unease and transformation, reminding yourself that your lifeboat is unsinkable despite some water getting in.

Try to maintain a state of receiving, allowing, and surrendering. However, it’s important to take steps to stay grounded, which can look like bare feet on the ground, dancing, contact with trees, and even something like eating red meat, even if you usually don’t. That sort of thing doesn’t cancel out any progress you’ve made, it’s just a human tool to use to help you stabilize if you’re feeling off, out of sorts, floaty, foggy brained, and other symptoms of these shifting energies (though I am not a medical doctor, so please seek medical advice if you feel it’s necessary of course).

We’re getting a lot more people coming “on line” in their abilities, or finding their gifts amplifying. It can feel peculiar, unstable, and all sorts of things. But you’ve got this.

Upcoming Past Life Group

For those who are interested and in North Florida, I’m holding my next Past Life Regression Group on June 1st 12-3pm near Tinseltown. This may be the last one in Jacksonville for the Summer as I’m anticipating upcoming travels. Details and tickets can be found at EVENTBRITE or you can message me to save your spot and pay at the door (cash, venmo or paypal).

Expanding Guided Journeys

While past life regressions remain the most popular request, there have been an influx lately of custom requested journeys that have turned out to be wonderfully profound and interesting adventures, such as current life regression to ET Abductions, regression back to the womb and childhood, visits with loved ones in spirit, and guidance back to realms and places visited during dreams, among others. Things are getting interesting and I’m here if you have any questions or requests.

*I held a free online group on Mother's Day for those whose mothers had passed in order to connect in spirit and spend time together, which I found very successful, and aim to hold another one for Father's Day. If you're interested, I'll post about it on my social media as the time draws nearer, or you can subscribe to my Eventbrite page to be notified.


Should you be interested in a personal monthly reading and more, feel free to check out membership to my PATREON page.


In addition to my AMAZON RECOMMENDATIONS I’ve decided to partner with certain companies I have personally found wholesome, interesting, and helpful. Feel free to check them out.

Media Mention

Lastly, I’m happy to share that I was featured in an article with Voyage Magazine, and it felt really nice to be acknowledged in this way for the decade of work I’ve been lucky to be able to pursue.

And if you haven't yet, check out TIKTOK, IG, and YOUTUBE for new informative and interesting videos.


And that's about it for now. If you have any questions or would like to a book a service, feel free to reach out through my website here, my email at or ETSY :)

Sending love and hugs to everyone and I hope you have the most excellent weekend!




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