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November Updates

Hi folks! First of all, it's definitely starting to feel holiday-ish, which I'm happy about. Leaves are gold, trees are getting nakey, and there's a legit bite to the air. Hurrah!

So what's happening this month?

Well, tomorrow, November 10th at 2pm is a past life group at Timeless Remedies in Canton, GA. The next one is December 8th.

Now, if you're in the North Florida area for Thanksgiving, that group is November 24th at Caring Palms Massage and Reiki.

That said, if you want to schedule a past life session - whether a solo, QHHT, or private party - I'm in Jacksonville with a couple of open dates still available during the week after Thanksgiving.

If you're in the ATL area, I'm here until November 20th and won't be back until the beginning of December.

Which brings me to...GIFT CERTIFICATES! I have gift certificates available for both regressions and readings, which may be an excellent and unique gift for friends or family! Just shoot me a message if interested!

If you haven't joined me on my Facebook page there's always stuff being posted, such as card pulls, readings, videos, etc. As well, there are new services being offered there, such as "mini" past life readings, card pulls, and more.

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