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New Adventures: August Update

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Hi! Happy August!

So we've had a full moon this past week, the Lion's Gate this month, and now the moon is in Taurus - so if you've been noticing changes in your routine this Summer or noticing that you've been manifesting some things that have been on your mind, you're not alone.

*Do everything you can not to hold yourself back from meeting certain goals and keep the momentum of any projects you're working on to begin or continue.

*Remind yourself of the bigger goal if you feel yourself reverting to old habits of not completing a project or task.

*Try pushing yourself to be consistent and constant at working towards completing something, even if you don't know what to do once it's completed, even if you don't see how it can be useful in any way. Every creative process has purpose, so trust that its purpose will reveal itself but in the meantime, be present as you work on it.

I'm also mentioning this since it has been coming up a lot in past life readings as a lesson or message for many people, so I figure I'd mention it in case this vibes with you as well.

Now here are a few new updates happening on my end of things:

Upcoming Past Life Groups in Georgia

Experience a past life using a relaxing visualization technique that teaches how to utilize and build your inner senses.

August 31 - Timeless Remedies in Canton, GA (770) 224-6993

October 5 – Timeless Remedies in Canton, GA (770) 224-6993

I also do private groups at your location, so if you wanted a unique experience for a gathering of close friends, feel free to message me with any questions you might have.

I am also happy to do a group in your shop or business if you want to host one for your clientele.

There are some NEW VIDEOS up, the latest is about the second half of my ancient aliens session, where the client found herself returning to her original body in Nibiru, a distance planet. Check it out and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t so you know when the next video is done.

I’m also making a couple of videos about QHHT with new tips on how to have a deeper session and allow yourself to become more immersed in the experience. I’m aiming to have one or two out before month’s end.

As well, I'm working on fresh new guided visualizations and meditations to put online that should be fun (and free) to do and will be good practice for visualization and connecting.

New Services/Products

Found on ETSY:

1. Readings

I’ve begun using my deck to give Past Life Karma Connections readings. Help understand karmic connections between you and certain people or scenarios. Becoming aware or understanding the reason behind certain connections is the first step to helping let go or releasing things that no longer serve you. Book your reading Here.

2) Past Life Regression Manual:

This is a new technique to facilitate a past life regression for a loved one or friend (not for professional use) I have put together and has had wonderful results, now available for purchase Here.

Online Courses:

I am putting together courses that will start to become available in the Fall on a reliable online teaching platform.

Courses will be pertaining to utilizing the Consciousness, Interdimensional Travel, Energy Work, Hypnosis, and other concepts & techniques gathered from years of experience and teaching.

If you want to be put on the waitlist to be notified first of these courses, just shoot me a message to let me know.

Thanks for reading through, I hope your day and night goes by smoothly,

and that you have a wonderful Summer and I'll be back when I have more updates.

For those who I've seen in recent groups or sessions this month, it has been wonderful reconnecting and also making new friends if we've only just met for the first time. My time in FL was especially wonderful, despite the crazy humidity down there, and I'm looking forward to the next visit.

Anyway, sending happy thoughts and wishes of good health to you and yours,



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