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August Highlights

August was very special and full of very interesting experiences. While in Jacksonville Beach for a past life group at Caring Palms Massage and Reiki, every person was able to visualize and experience something personal and meaningful. This was the day before the eclipse, which also meant the Lionsgate portal was in full swing, with people showing a range of symptoms, from headaches, sleepless nights, fatigue, and other physical discomforts to the opposite spectrum of more energy, increased joy, insight, increase of intuitive abilities, and more.

During that week, I facilitated four sessions, each extremely successful in their own right. One session removed sugar from the brain of a client, clearing her onset of Alzheimer's, among other miraculous healings. Another client was cleared of an anger block and a full mind-and-body re-connection with source. Another brought in the energy of her animals who have passed over and received unforgettable messages, as well as physical healing to a shoulder that was injured and vision was made slightly better than better.

There was also an increase of reading requests! The most interesting one during that month was when an animal life came through after the client requested me to read a non-human life. A first for me, and I was very pleased with the reading itself, but also with how many connections the client was able to make, even with an animal life.

More videos have been added to my YouTube Channel as well, and I plan on making more about the sessions I've been facilitating because they seem to awesome to not share in some way other than my transcripts on Amazon. As well, I've opened up to selling my energy mandalas, which can be found on the SERVICES page :)

Overall, the month was supremely successful, peaceful, and interesting. I was very excited to be featured on the QHHT Meet the Practitioners series for that month and look forward to writing articles on some pretty interesting things I've come across during my practice as well as my own take on some topics and studies that keep my days full of joy, discovery, and life.

I am only too grateful to experience these things and now am thrilled to be able to share them with you, here, on this new blog space.

Lots of LOVE,





Instagram: @soul_trekker_

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