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Marching into Expansion

Hello to old and new friends joining me here. In lieu of the world's current collective experience, there have been many adjustments and overall, I must say, despite any hardships, I have an optimism about the circumstances that we will emerge from this as more evolved and changed, inside and out, for the better. I'm writing to first share a post I made earlier and after that, some news about an upcoming online event and some advice that may help you at this time.

Firstly, I posted something online earlier that came pouring out for whomever needs to hear it. I myself have gone through a deep and completely unexpected and blinding transformation in the past week alone. Now more empowered than ever, I am reminded of JK Rowling's quote: "Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life". This can mean rock bottom emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc . . . a moment in time, or an undetermined period of time. Respect your process, but make sure you don't shortchange yourself, and actually do the work.


Anyone else getting some legit mental/emotional work done during this time when the world is quiet?

Or are you feeding your ego by keeping busy and avoiding going in and opening up to work on breaking old patterns, broaching fears, playing with vulnerable notions like surrendering your control, dancing with some pain before recognizing it as grief, feeling the connectedness between the human community as One, that you're not alone unless you're separating yourself, whether for ego to be the best or out of fear to not get hurt or disappointed. This is the journey, this is the adventure. There is a stagnate universe inside of the ones who don't work to change to become the best versions of themselves...our job is to be the cosmic artist constantly molding, reshaping, and revealing the galaxies within us. Focusing on these galaxies expands them, and us (our consciousness and hearts) in turn, and this is where we experience the death of the Ego and the birth of new Sight. Happy Sunday fellow humans. Just too much overwhelming goopy love being sent your way on this bright and beautiful day.


I am going to hold a live online past life regression workshop, no set costs, just love offerings.

Details are emerging this week. The best way to stay tuned is to join my Facebook page at @lightwiseliving, and go ahead and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven't already because I will likely be streaming it there, at LightWise with Laura


Listen to music that hits your core, that makes your every fiber want to dance, to laugh and cry at once. This is not to get zen, this is to get you feeling the feeling of the beat in your body to find the symphony in your soul. Be in your body at this time, get out of your head, get to the body where your emotions are, bring them to the surface and FEEL them, the memories or people or time period associated with it, if any arise. What you do next is up to you, but don't back away from it, make your self-discovery a moving and joyous exploration. You don't have to articulate anything, first get use to understanding that feelings and emotions are a language unto themselves, they've been waiting to have a real conversation with you. When you really pay attention and learn the limitless degrees of emotion that are contained in the simple word of 'love' or 'happiness' or 'grief', you will discover countless worlds in your Universe, galaxies kept contained but always expanding within this incredible fragile shell of our delicate human bodies.


I highly recommend smoking CBD hemp flower (it's legal, folks) if you are experiencing anxiety at this time. I'm not a medical doctor, I am speaking in the capacity of a friend. This has given me clarity, focus, calmed anxiety, and allowed me to meditate more deeply and restfully. It's not overwhelming, there's no paranoia or mind altering feelings that come with alternatives, so to speak. This can also help with sleep and other discomforts, so please do your research (especially if you're already on medication - talk to the doc) and try something new if it feels right to you. XOXO

While regressions and in person services are on hiatus, please feel free to reach out if interested in coaching sessions, readings, distance healings, or with any questions/requests.

Love to you and yours.



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