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Book Coming Out Next Month & Holiday Gifts!

Hi friends!!

I hope this is finding you in more uplifted spirits, especially as the holidays approach. Despite what the world is going through, stay focused on filling your space and Self with love, hope and self-praise for making it through this year and still being able to smile, laugh, or do even just a bit of the inner work you wanted to get done, even if it's just remembering to breathe during hard times. That deserves credit!

On my end, I've been guided to focus my primary work on coaching in life, love, and spiritual development (manifestation and intuitive abilities) in lieu of holding off on in-home sessions for the time-being (better safe than sorry!). And it's been incredibly fun and gratifying work. I still regress my close friends and such, so no magic has been lost, though the incredible results I get from coaching has added another layer of surreal experiences. I hope you've been able to experience some interesting phenomena yourself these past months, whether in dreams, meditation, or real-time. I've noticed a HUGE leap in intuitive awareness as more people are "waking up" and it makes me so happy and excited for the potential of our planet and society. We're in this together, folks!

I lieu of these experiences, I was hit with the most inspiration and motivation I've felt in years, and birthed a book! It is a culmination of knowledge and insight gained through these past years of practicing my craft, hypnotherapy and coaching, poured into a guidebook of sorts that is aimed at expanding one's consciousness through intimacy with the Self and that with a partner. I will send more details in the next blog in December as we get closer to the publication date of 12/21. You can follow my author page on Amazon for those updates as well, at or follow along on Facebook at @lightwiseliving. I'm so excited for this!

As well, if you are looking for a unique holiday gift that doesn't have shipping costs or much wait time (digital files), consider getting gift certificates for past life readings by messaging me. Below are the current holiday specials available starting today!

You can also order readings through my Etsy shop at

Additionally, I've begun doing general card readings and other options for anyone interested. *All who order readings in November are automatically put in a raffle for a free past life reading*

And as always, more videos are available on my YouTube channel about my recent work and discoveries, at Lightwise with Laura

If you have any questions or want to book a session or order readings/gift certificates, you know how to find me. Sending tons of love and I'll be updating you soon on everything. Stay safe, warm and cozy! And enjoy your Thanksgiving and holidays whether solo, with your furkids, or/and loved ones XOXO



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