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December & New Year Updates

Happy Winter!

Hello hello! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season. It’s felt more “tis the season” this year, which I have really loved feeling lately.

Catching Up

So, I’m very excited to announce that the plans for the new year include a home base to hold monthly groups at! It may start in January, possibly February, but as of now I’ve teamed up with a fantastic lady and great friend (near Marietta Square) to bring more opportunity to gather together for past life regressions, guided meditations, and a safe, no-judgment space to talk about weird, wild, unconventional, super strange and amazing things.



There are new pieces up in the shops and also available for purchase if you are drawn to an original, or would like to commission one.


Or at:


Instagram: @soul_trekker_

READINGS: PAST LIFE CARD DECK (Soon available for purchase)

SO CLOSE! I received prototypes of the past life deck and love them! There is a couple of tweaks that I need to make and then they will be available in the new year!

Recent readings include:

An African child bride connected with the African deity, Yemoja.

A Mesopotamian child bought for service in ancient times.

A workaholic in Atlantis.

A young geisha playing second wife to a powerful man.

I have devoted a page on my website to my readings as well, so you can check out some samples, view the deck, or link over to the Facebook page for more reviews.


VIDEO(s): I was recently inspired by a conversation with a client and am now currently putting together a guided meditation to help release issues from past lives that are still affecting you in this life. I plan on having it up and ready in January.


BOOK: There’s a new transcript up in Amazon, about a little girl who was the youngest of 3 sisters from North Carolina in the 1800’s, who spent her time going to school, communicated with animals in the nearby woods, and hated her glasses…but finally “found a fella”!


Also, For those interested in channeling their guides, I could not recommend more the book called Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman.

VIDEO(s): I’ve finally gotten into a consistent meditation groove. What has helped me has been this youtube binaural beats link that zens me out! I sent it to my sister who said she tranced out for 40 minutes straight! So check it out!


HEALTH: A new exercise regime I’ve started is a simple pilates routine I found on Pinterest, and would highly recommend it if you like the gentle, mindfulness of yoga, but want to FEEL some effects right away. Less than 20 minutes a day to some music and you’re good to go!


I will be available for solo sessions and also private parties (Wine & Time Travel)

throughout the Winter season.

UPCOMING GROUP: Caring Palms Massage and Reiki on Saturday, January 6th


That’s about all for now. I’ll be updating more often in the future. I hope everyone is enjoying their week and has a relaxing, wonderful week!

Sending tons of love to you and yours.


Laura B.

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