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Fun News & Updates!

Hello hello and happy October!!

As much as August had crept by, the time has been absolutely FLYING! And if many of you are experiencing an "out with the old, in with the new" type of happenings, just know you are not alone, because this is the ENERGY of the current time playing through your reality. We are experiencing the building of new and solid foundations, new business ventures, new friendship or relationships, new ideas blooming, and the allowance of smoother transitions from older habits and ideas, an ease in "letting go" of past ideas, ideals, habits, and relationships that no longer serve you at this time.

My advice - ride the wave and get caught up in the momentum of this incredible energy wave. Don't let any doubts or worry of failure, the unknown, or what ifs, stop you. Move past your blocks like they're made of styrofoam rather than brick. Remember, you make the walls and obstacles in standing in your way as real/solid as you allow...because truly they are illusions, so don't let yourself be stopped!

I'd like to quickly mention the Special for past life card readings ordered this month - they come with a free card pull reading :D You can order by messaging me here or on my Facebook Page

New videos are up! One on a recent regression to another planet - Sirius. As you may or may not be aware of, we are getting an influx of Starseeds, or rather, an increase of people waking up to their true self and where they they truly come from, which helps them understand why they are here, their purpose and mission. So don't miss out and see if the idea calls to you in any way.

One new endeavor that has bloomed on my end has been the Nebula Sisters. SYNCHRONICITY IS EVERYTHING. Don't ever doubt it or push it away like it doesn't matter because it can and will lead you on the right path. Trust the synchronicities. This has led me and a good friend to come together and begin channeling amazing information from the Source, the All, and other higher realm entities, that come through with beautiful, amazing information for humankind. To help us. To guide us. Here is a video introducing the Nebula Sisters with a key message given to us from the Source of All. On Facebook, Blogspot, and Instagram at @NebulaSisters.

Next, for those in the Atlanta and surrounding areas, after much consideration, I have made a service available that you or someone you know may find useful. I'm offering services as a death doula, but for pets and pet parents - those who cannot be in the room during the euthanization process or who may need emotional support. I've done this before I moved to the Atlanta and, again, due to synchronicity and signs, have decided to make it available once again. So feel free to message me if you are interested in utilizing these services. I'm also on Facebook now under 'The Pet Doula'. It's a tough line of work, yes, but it's just another calling to me and something I was made to do - holding space for those going through a hard time XOXO

And lastly I'd like to mention a fun idea - hosting your own PAST LIFE REGRESSION PRIVATE PARTY, as this month of Halloween is a month when the veil thins and allows quite a lot of information through. A fun experience for you and your friends :D Message me if you are interested in booking one, or share the information with friends who may be interested. I love doing these!

As always, I'll be holding an upcoming past life group at Timeless Remedies on November 10th (Atlanta area) and a group on November 24th at Caring Palms (Jax, FL area). You can reserve your seat by calling.

I hope you have a beautiful week and I'm sending out loving, supportive energy to those reading this, to those I've met, and those who I've yet to meet.



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