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New Year & it's gonna be better!

Alright, so the holidays are officially over but I'm determined to bring the sparkle and coziness into 2019 with everything I've got (and yes, I've still got my lights up!) because we're going to want to balance out the workload with the fun, heart-centered stuff! Ideally, our work is aligned with the heart-centered stuff and if not, that is certainly something to seriously consider striving for.

PS - I learned a new term this year I want to share with you!

So, if you've met me or have been following along with my YouTube channel and whatnot, you'd know that part of my mission here in my lifetime is to bring tools to those who are drawn to utilize them. And I've gotten a big ol' kick in the

boo-tay to step it up this year. That said, I'm excited to meet the requests of

my own heart and soul. So here we go!


Let's start with something fun & free for you - a NEW GUIDED MEDITATION is up (about time, right?) and it's designed to take you out of this world (much like my regressions take you out of this timeline lol). It's a meditation for those of you who resonate with the term 'Starseed', who may feel out of place in their skin sometimes, who feel a desire to go 'home' to a home you don't know of, or those drawn to the starry skies. Try this experience and let me know how it goes for you. Click on the photo below to check it out.

As well, there are new videos up and also on their way...


Something that I am even more excited about has been a long time in the making and is finally complete and up in the ETSY SHOP. It's a video-based PAST LIFE GROUP REGRESSION that YOU CAN ORDER and EXPERIENCE IN YOUR OWN HOME. The video format allows the viewer to participate alone or host a gathering of friends to experience it together. I made it to simulate my live group regressions so that those who cannot be there in person can at least experience what it's like. A big shout-out to my people in Canada, Australia, Hawaii, and other long-distant places I hope to bring this to live one day! PS - This purchase also comes with a free consultation to go over your experience and more. Check it out HERE or click the photos below.


Speaking of groups, I'll be hosting more groups this year and one new location I am most excited about will be in Woodstock, GA at the True Center, a wonderful non-profit aimed at self development and inner work. It's run by two lovely ladies that I am excited to partner up with! You can see what they are all about here:

More locations to be announced soon!

Facebook Page Specials

Make sure you join my Facebook page for more consistent updates and specials, at

There are many more projects lined up but for now, this is all I can share. I hope you've got some exciting ideas planned for yourself - please don't put things on the backburner for too long (or at all) if it's something that pulls at your heart and makes you happy.

Sending tons of love and high vibin' thoughts your way!



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