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Fun Stuff about February

Hey there! I hope you're wrapping up January without too many bumps and scrapes. I say that because many people I have come across in the past 4 weeks have been asking if there was an energy shift or something. People have felt "off", for lack of better term, me included. But I've been feeling more and more optimistic about February, though that eclipse was pretty great.

A couple of things I've been focusing on that I recommend checking out has been:

-Breathing techniques

-Focusing on breathing.

-Maintaining presence through breath

-Consciously "checking in" and becoming aware of natural muscle tension held without realizing it and relaxing those areas. (Check to see if your tongue RIGHT NOW is touching the roof of your mouth. If it is, peel it off and rest it, resting your jaw too, and see how much it relaxes the rest of your body. That's where we hold a lot of tension throughout the day without realizing it.)

Obviously, different things present themselves to different people, but if this sounds intriguing, I encourage you to try a daily practice to see how long you can focus on certain mindful exercises.

So, there will be a couple of public groups at the following places and times:

FEBRUARY 3rd (SUNDAY) 2-4pm -

Past life regression group workshop


I'm sharing some news about holding a past life regression group at a new place. It's called the True Center in Woodstock, GA. It's run by two lovely women and I'm excited for Saturday's group.

You can find it at

3353 Trickum Road

Suite 100

Woodstock, Georgia 30188



Past life regression group workshop


As usual, I'll be holding my monthly group at Timeless Remedies. Check out Ron Walz's chair massages usually there right before the class.

Timeless Remedies

150 Prominence Pointe Pkwy

Suite 300

Canton, GA 30114 770-224-6993

On another note, I've nearly completed a new project I've been working on and will be putting up for purchase. It's a past life regression manual for beginners or anyone interested in giving their friend a thorough past life regression. It will be available in the Etsy shop and at the groups soon enough.

Also, more videos are in the works, as well as a second Harry Potter guided meditation.

And the next special for readings will be near the end of the month, you can find them on Facebook at @thepastlifereader

Sending the warmest wishes your way (and hoping you're staying warm!)



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